We all have that one mate who gets defensive over nothing. Whether it’s his footy team you’re poking fun at, or just generally ribbing him a bit, he simply can’t handle the flak.

And while we’re not about people getting defensive about harmless jokes, we are in support of being defensive in driving situations.

Defensive driving is the single most important tool you can use to prevent car accidents and injuries and stay safe on the road.

Central Coast Auto Recovery deal with the aftermath of car crashes every day. They understand the importance of defensive driving so, today, they’ll outline 5 defensive driving tips to keep in mind every time you sit behind the wheel.

1) Look three cars ahead of you

Defensive driving is all about paying attention to your surroundings. And while this means checking your side mirrors and rear view mirror appropriately, it also means paying attention to what’s in front of you. If you’re looking one car ahead, it’s difficult to know what the traffic conditions are like beyond. Looking further ahead allows you to brake early, preventing you from rear-ending the car in front of you.

2) Keep a 3-second gap

You’ve likely heard this one before, and for good reason. A three-second gap, or 5 car lengths apart, is the ideal distance you want to keep from the car in front of you. If you’ve been guilty of tailgating once or twice in the past, we’ve got a newsflash for you: it doesn’t make the car in front of you go faster! You’re only putting yourself at risk; you’re at fault if they slam on the brakes and you rear-end them.

3) If the car in front of you brakes suddenly, veer slightly to the left

Here’s a defensive driving tip that can save you getting rear-ended, as well as save you rear-ending someone else. If the traffic in front of you comes to a sudden halt, veer slightly to the left. What this does is that it gives better vision to the drivers behind you, as they can see that there’s an urgency to stop. It also signals to them that there’s danger ahead.

4) Slow down at all intersections

Whether you have right of way or not, slowing down at all intersections can be a lifesaver. You’re far less likely to have an accident by slowing down and giving other drivers time to think.

5) Don’t speed

Simple, safe and effective. Don’t speed. We understand it’s easy to creep over the speed limit, but speeding is one of the single most dangerous things you can do on the road.

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