Speeding, tailgating, texting while driving, hooning… it seems as though every day, you can see poor and unsafe driving behaviour on our roads.

But the chances are, if you’re on this blog, you’re already a pretty safe driver. Why? Because you’ve actually bothered to do extra research on how to stay safe on the road!

One can always improve their driving skills, however, especially when it comes to safety. In this post, your local road safety experts at Central Coast Auto Recovery explain how to stay safe on the road.

Defensive driving

If you’re already a safe driver, then staying safe on the road is often less about your actions and more about anticipating poor driving of others. This is called defensive driving. Defensive driving is all about being prepared for other drivers to make mistakes, and anticipating those potential mistakes.

An excellent example of defensive driving is come to a full stop at an intersection, even if you have right of way, and the other driver has the stop sign. This way, if the other driver doesn’t see their stop sign and drives through the intersection, you’ll have avoided a potentially serious accident.

Don’t tailgate

We can’t believe how many Aussie drivers choose to tailgate, even when there’s no good in it and it only creates more risk on the road. Always, always, always leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you! Tailgating doesn’t make the driver in front of you go any faster… in fact, all it does is slow everyone down when you rear-end them! Not to mention the fact that it’s you who’s paying for all the damages. Leave at least 5 car-lengths between you and the driver in front of you at all times.

Leave the phone alone

We hate it when we see people on their phones while driving – even at a red light. All it takes is a split second of distraction for a serious accident to occur. You simply have to look at the risk and ask yourself: is it worth replying to that text while risking running a red light? Or: is it worth checking social media when I could potentially cause a serious accident? The answer is always ‘no’.

Remember to call Central Coast Auto Recovery if you’ve got any troubles

The final way to stay safe on the road is to call your local team of reliable towers if you’re experiencing car trouble. We specialise in emergency towing and roadside assistance in the Central Coast region. Round the clock availability, secure storage facilities and an unparalleled level of care in our service is what you get when you choose the pros at Central Coast Auto Recovery – the absolute best for towing and roadside assistance! Give the friendly team a call and make the most of our 24-hour service.