Ah, insurance. The most thrilling, joyful part of everyone’s life, right? Well, no – not exactly. But dealing with insurance companies is a whole lot better than not having insurance at all!

After you call up your local legends at Central Coast Auto Recovery and get your car safely and securely towed away, you’ll have to submit a claim with your insurance provider.

Something we’re often asked: how do I do this?

While every insurance company is different, there’s a generally a similar way to submit insurance claims. Let’s go through our tips below!

Gather your supporting documents

The first thing to do when filing an insurance claim is to gather up all the supporting documents related to the incident. These are documents that help clarify to your insurance provider just what has happened. Supporting documents include:

  • Your receipt of services from Central Coast Auto Recovery
  • Photos of your car straight after the accident of break down
  • The police report, if there is one
  • The ambulance report, if there is one
  • The taxi report, if you were involved in an accident involving a taxi service

Open a case file number

Opening a case file number, or claim number, is the next step. Do this as soon as possible so that your insurance provider is aware of the incident. You can call your insurance provider and explain the situation – usually after this they’ll open a claim for you and generate a case file number.

For most insurance providers, you can also do this online, by heading to their website and requesting to begin a claim. You will then see a range of options for managing your claim, including an option to attach claim documents.

Submit the claim

Once you’ve spoken to your insurance provider and they’re fully aware of the situation, you’re able to submit your claim. From there, it’s simply a matter of waiting for your claim to be accepted.

Central Coast Auto Recovery are happy to help assist with insurance claims

At Central Coast Auto Recovery, we understand the stresses of dealing with insurance claims – probably the last thing you want to do after either breaking down on the road or having an accident! That’s why our team are happy to chat to your insurance providers and explain the services we’ve provided.

Call Central Coast Auto Recovery when you’re in a jam

Your safety is the most important thing of all, and that’s the thing we prioritise. If you’re in an unsafe car situation, don’t think about insurance and claims and costs – simply think about your safety. The other stuff can always be sorted out later.

Central Coast Auto Recovery specialise in emergency towing and roadside assistance in the Central Coast region. Round the clock availability, secure storage facilities and an unparalleled level of care in our service is what you get when you choose the pros at Central Coast Auto Recovery – the absolute best for towing and roadside assistance! Give the friendly team a call and make the most of our 24-hour service.