Nobody wants to break down while driving. It’s stressful, inconvenient and simply annoying. Not even we, whose business it is to respond to broken down vehicles, want you to have a break down! Now that’s saying something.

To prove these good intentions from the team at Central Coast Auto Recovery, we’re going to outline some tips on how you can actually avoid a break down.

Here are some essential car maintenance tips to keep your car on the road, thanks to the heroes at Central Coast Auto Recovery.

Service your car regularly

The best way to keep your car on the road at all times? Don’t slack off on the servicing! A service is like a dentist appointment for your car. Except that your car enjoys being serviced, whereas nobody really enjoys a trip to the dentist.

6-monthly services are essential to keeping your car on the road. Your mechanics are able to spot problems before they escalate and possibly become dangerous. By keeping your car serviced regularly, you’re significantly lowering your chance of a break-down.

Let your engine warm up before driving

Did you know that the most damage done to your car engine is in the first 5 minutes of driving it? This is because your car engine hasn’t warmed up yet. Just like you’d do some stretching and light cardio before your gym routine, your car needs a chance to warm up, too. Leaving the engine on for a few minutes, especially when it’s cold weather, can prevent gradual motor damage.

Your car has feelings

OK, so it doesn’t have actual feelings, but your car is affected by the way you treat it, which is sort of like having feelings. For example, when you take off really fast at a green light, you’re putting more strain on your engine than if you were to take off slowly. The same thing goes for braking really hard when you could simply brake gradually. The way you drive has a direct effect on the condition of your car’s components, so you can better maintain your car by keeping its ‘feelings’ in mind while driving.

Learn the basics

And, of course, in between services, you should be checking the basics like oil levels, radiator fluid levels, transmission fluid levels, and checking for leaks. Inspect your tyres – are there any rocks or other objects stuck in them? These simple checks can help you stay on the move at all times.

If you do unfortunately experience a break-down, there’s a local team of legends who are at your service. Central Coast Auto Recovery specialise in emergency towing and roadside assistance in the Central Coast region. Round the clock availability, secure storage facilities and an unparalleled level of care in our service is what you get when you choose the pros at Central Coast Auto Recovery – the absolute best for towing and roadside assistance! Give the friendly team a call and make the most of our 24-hour service.