It’s a question every car owner will ask themselves one day, particularly after an expensive bill from the mechanic: should I repair or replace my car?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Here, the team at Central Coast Auto Recovery explain whether your car is best repaired or replaced:

Consider the car value versus the cost of repair

Value is a big part of assessing whether to repair or replace your car. The first factor to assess is the value of your car compared to the cost of repair it needs. If your car is worth $20,000 and it needs a $2,000 repair, then it’s almost always best to repair it. But if your car is only worth $3,000 and it needs a $2,000 repair, then it’s probably just worth selling it and replacing it with something newer.

How many other problems will your car have down the track?

Sadly there’s no magical crystal ball that tells you when your car is going to have issues. However, there is the professional opinion of a mechanic and that’s the next best thing. If everything else under your car’s hood looks good, then you’re probably better off repairing your car and keeping it.

But if there’s a whole plethora of problems with your car, and your mechanic lets you know about it, then maybe it’s worth considering an upgrade. We’d hate to see you fall into the trap of owning a ‘money pit’ car, which just keeps sucking up your dollars in constant repair bills.

How attached are you?

But there’s one factor that has nothing to do with logic, probability or number crunching, and it’s the most important factor of all: love. No matter how old, how ugly or how costly your car is, you simply may not be able to part ways with it. And this is something we completely understand. You’ve shared so many memories with your car and you’re attached to it, so maybe repairing it is the only option.

Repairing and replacing: why not both?

There is a third option that you might not yet have considered: repairing and replacing at the same time. If you love your old car and you’ve got the space for another, you can always repair it and keep it as a second car, while replacing it with something more practical as a daily driver.

This way you’re getting the benefits of a safe, reliable car without having to part ways with your beloved first one.

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