Broken down on a busy road? Had a bingle on your way to work? Got a ‘project’ that’s been sitting in your backyard for months, or even years?

There’s a quick, easy solution to all of these automobile dilemmas – and that’s getting the car towed by a team of pros.

But you can’t just call up Central Coast Auto Recovery and hope that everything’s sweet. You need to do a little preparation first.

Don’t stress – it’s got nothing to do with giving the car a wash or removing the odd Maccas bag from underneath the passenger seat… we don’t judge!

Here’s how to prepare your car for towing, brought to you by the region’s favourite towers at Central Coast Auto Recovery.

If possible, make sure it’s in a safe location

If you’ve had a car accident or a break down, this might not be possible. But, if it is possible, try to get your car to a safe spot with enough access for a tow truck to tow it. Even if it’s just parked on the side of a main road, this is better than being stuck directly on the road and dangerously clogging up traffic.

Turn off the engine

Towing your car is always done with the engine off. It’s dangerous to leave the engine on while towing and, let’s be honest, it’d be a real waste of precious petrol! Not ideal when you’re paying almost $2 a litre for the stuff.

Remove your valuables

It can be difficult to think about the little things like possessions after you’ve had a break-down or car accident – it’s normal to be a little shaken up. But we urge you to remove all of your valuables from your car in order to prepare it for towing. If we had a dollar every time someone arrived at our facilities and said they’ve left their wallet in the car, we’d probably be rich.

Secure your car

Secure your car by winding up all the windows and locking it. While our depot is heavily secured, alarmed and guarded 24/7, we want your vehicle to be as secure as possible if you choose to store it in our facilities.

Take photos

For insurance purposes, it’s best to take photos and videos of your car before we tow it away. These count as supporting documents, which might make it easier for you to be reimbursed by your insurance provider.

So, that’s how you prepare your car for towing like a boss. Central Coast Auto Recovery specialise in emergency towing and roadside assistance in the Central Coast region. Round the clock availability, secure storage facilities and an unparalleled level of care in our service is what you get when you choose the pros at Central Coast Auto Recovery – the absolute best for towing and roadside assistance! Give the friendly team a call and make the most of our 24-hour service.