Each time you step into your car, you need to keep in mind one main thing. Nope, it has nothing to do with connecting your phone to Bluetooth audio before taking off (although that’s pretty important too) – it’s the fact that driving is, for most people, the most dangerous thing they do in their lives.

We’re not here to spark doom and gloom about driving, but just to reiterate that there are consequences for not paying attention or failing to be safe.

That’s why the legends at Central Coast Auto Recovery, who deal with car accidents on a daily basis, remind us of what drivers need to do to stay safe on our roads.

Lock away the phone

It’s one of the single biggest hazards on the road, particularly for young people: our phones. They’ve become quite an incessant part of life, for better or for worse; while they’ve improved life in so many ways, they do pose their risks. The driver’s seat is no place for phone use. Even a split second of distraction may be all it takes for a serious accident to occur. The math is easy – it’s simply not worth risking your life, and the lives of others, over reading that one text, replying to that one work email, changing that one song.

Don’t tailgate!

If you hate tailgating as much as we do, and think that Aussies are particularly guilty of it, then you’ll be somewhat glad to know that it’s not just in your head. Earlier this year, a Queensland study found that a shocking 98 per cent of road users admitted they had tailgated others at some point.

Tailgating is dangerous and pointless. You’re only doing yourself a disservice because if the driver in front of you needs to slam on the brakes, guess who’s paying for their rear bumper, as well as the damage to your own car!

Drive defensively

Defensive driving means anticipating a dangerous situation or potential hazard before you have to experience it. This includes slowing down at side-street intersections, even if you have right of way, and slowing down when passing a parked car or bus on a narrow street, anticipating a person or child emerging in front of it at the last minute. It’s not surprising that defensive driving involves a lot of slowing down, and not a whole lot of speeding up!

Road safety is everything. Just take it from the pros at Central Coast Auto Recovery, who manage car accidents every day. If you’ve been involved in a bingle, a break down or need a car removed from your property, Central Coast Auto Recovery are the team to remember. They offer roadside assistance and secure storage of your car in a fully alarmed warehouse, keeping it totally safe. Get in touch with the guys at Central Coast Auto Recovery – they’ll get you out of any jam!