Remember that game you used to play as a kid, stuck in the mud? It provided you and your friends with hours of fun, running, chasing and catching others to test your agility and speed.

Yeah, that all changes when you play the grown-up version of ‘stuck in the mud’… otherwise known as ‘getting bogged’.

Getting bogged is stressful, frustrating and can even be scary at times. But luckily, there are people who can help!

Here, we chat to the local heroes at Central Coast Auto Recovery who can pull you out of any rut when it comes to getting stuck in the mud.

Be calm, don’t panic

If you’ve seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, you’d have seen people get caught in quicksand. The more they struggle and panic, the quicker the sand envelopes them! While quicksand isn’t real, getting stuck in the mud is – and panicking only gets you more bogged. Keep calm, assess the situation and don’t try to accelerate your way out of it as this can worsen the bog.

Rocking method

The rocking method can sometimes be effective if you’re only lightly bogged and your car has enough grip to go slightly forward and backward. In your lowest gear, move slightly forward before quickly switching to reverse and going backward. The aim is to rock the car out of the bog, gaining momentum and getting you back onto solid ground.

Traction gain method

Increasing the traction is another way to get out of a bog. This is where you place makeshift objects underneath your tyres to increase their traction to the ground and get your car back onto solid ground. This can be done using branches (smooth ones that won’t risk a puncture), bark, or, if you’re desperate, things in your car that you’re willing to sacrifice like the floor mats.

Think about the cost of your floor mats though – if you drive a luxury car, they’ll probably cost more to replace than the price of a tower!

Call a towing service

Rather be safe than sorry? The quickest way to get your car out of the mud is to call a towing service. Professional towers get people out of jams like this on an everyday basis and are guaranteed to be able to help you, too. The team at Central Coast Auto Recovery are just a phone call away!

Central Coast Auto Recovery offer towing services for whatever kind of situation you find yourself in. If you’ve been stuck in the mud and can’t get free, they’re here to help! Servicing the entire Central Coast region, they can dispatch a professional to your location within minutes. Competitive prices, quality equipment and diligent care are guaranteed when you call Central Coast Auto Recovery.