Car accidents are no joke, whether they’re just minor ones or more serious ones. Although major car accidents are highly unlikely, minor car accidents can happen – and you need to be prepared for them if they do occur.

It’s a good thing, then, that you’re reading up on how to handle the aftermath of a car accident. In this post, you’ll be guided through each step of what to do if you’re involved in a car accident, thanks to the legends at Central Coast Auto Recovery.

Make sure you’re OK

First things first: make sure you’re OK and, if someone else was involved, that they’re OK too. Call an ambulance or other emergency services if necessary.

Move car out of danger, if possible

If it’s possible, you need to move your car out of harm’s way. If you can safely park it, or get it off the main road, this will reduce the impact on other drivers, as well as decrease further risk. However, if your car was rendered immobile from the accident, don’t try to move it. This can be dangerous, and could lead to further damage being done.

Get the details of the other driver

If there was another driver involved, exchange details such as names, address, phone number, licence number and car registration numbers. All of this info is necessary to pass onto insurance.

Call up a professional tower

Calling a professional towing service is one of the most important parts of the aftermath of a car accident. If doesn’t matter whether your car has sustained just a little bumper damage, or is completely written off, calling a professional tower is the right thing to do. Even if your car looks perfectly fine to drive from the outside, you could be driving for a matter of seconds and realise it’s not, leading to more damage or another accident.

Most insurance plans cover for towing services anyway, so you have nothing to lose by giving the team at Central Coast Auto Recovery a call.

Why choose Central Coast Auto Recovery for accident towing?

CCRA are your team of choice for accident towing:

  • 24/7 towing service
  • Roadside assistance is offered for minor issues like flat tyres, flat batteries and others
  • Safe, secure and monitored warehouse for car storage
  • Competitive prices, professional service.

Central Coast Auto Recovery are leaders in towing services on the Central Coast. No matter where you are across the region, Central Coast Auto Recovery can send a professional to your location within a matter of minutes. Their highly trained staff treat your car as if it were their own, handling it with the utmost care and delivering it safely to their floodlit, alarm-guarded warehouse. Don’t hesitate to call your locals at Central Coast Auto Recovery today.