Flat tyre? Car won’t start? Grinding sound that got worse and worse till you couldn’t just turn up the stereo and drown it out anymore?

These problems can be quite the pickle, but luckily, there’s a solution: roadside assistance. There are a few things to expect when you need roadside assistance. It’s a service that you, as a customer, are paying for and therefore you should receive a top quality experience that has a positive result, getting you back on the road, or transporting your car to somewhere safe.

Here, the team at Central Coast Auto Recovery explain what to expect when you need roadside assistance, and why their services meet all the necessary criteria.

Fast phone response

The last thing you want when your car breaks down and you need roadside assistance, is to be on hold for what seems like an eternity. Sure, you’d expect this kind of thing when you’re on the phone to your energy or phone provider, but it’s simply unacceptable when you require an emergency service like roadside assistance.

Getting through to the dispatch team without any waiting on hold is what you should expect from a top quality roadside assistance team like Central Coast Auto Service.

Quick dispatch

Even more importantly, you should expect a roadside mechanic to arrive promptly in order to help you. There’s no point in having a great phone response team if there are limited mechanics on the road, taking hours for someone to arrive and help you. Central Coast Auto Recovery dispatch a technician to your location within seconds of your phone call, guaranteeing that help arrives in a flash!

Professional, diligent service

From the moment your roadside technician arrives, you should feel at ease with their confident, diligent and friendly service. They’ll ask you questions about the nature of your car problem and check all possible factors to assist you and get you back on the road. Roadside technicians are here to solve your problems and should be doing everything they can to do so.

Towing service offered if the problem is complicated

A roadside assistance team who offer towing services is also ideal. This means if the problem is more complicated and needs attention for an expert mechanic, your car can be towed, rather than waiting around for another completely different service to arrive. While this is certainly the most practical solution, not all roadside assistance teams offer towing services. Central Coast Auto Recovery, on the other hand, most certainly do.

Central Coast Auto Recovery are leaders in roadside assistance and towing services on the Central Coast. No matter where you are across the region, Central Coast Auto Recovery can send a professional to your location within a matter of minutes. Their highly trained staff treat your car as if it were their own, handling it with the utmost care and delivering it safely to their floodlit, alarm-guarded warehouse. Don’t hesitate to call your locals at Central Coast Auto Recovery whenever you need them.